3mm Round Natural Alexandrite - Alexandrite - Gemstones

3mm Round Natural Alexandrite

Product Specifications
Type Gemstone
Lab Certified GTL, India
Type Natural Alexandrite
Origin India - Vishakhapatnam Mine
Cut Round
Cut Grade Good
Weight 0.15ct EA
Size 3mm
Clarity VVS
Color bluish Green changing to violet Purple
Color Change 85%-90%
Brilliance Good
Treatment None
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Product Information


Price: $280.00

Product Code: r3mm


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Genuine Alexandrite (not created, synthetic or lab). Brilliant Round Faceted Natural Alexandrite from the Vishakhapatnam Mine in India.

This selection of 3mm round Natural Alexandrite is made from first quality rough, not melee as is customary because of the great cost of this gem. These stones have daylight and fluorescent coloration of bluish Green changing to Violet-Purple in incandescent light or candlelight. Some of the gems show Ruby Red Flashes.

Each Natural Alexandrite weighs approximately 0.15 carats. The clarity of these 3mm stones range from VVS to VS. The luster is brilliant and the cut and shape are well balanced and pleasing which produce a truely lively gems.

These stones are being sold separately and not as a lot. They are being offered in this multiple listing to give you the opportunity to purchase color matched stones. The original Lab Certificate grades the entire lot of rounds and each purchase comes with a copy of this certificate.

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