Superb Cultured Premium Pearl Necklace - Pearls

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Superb Cultured Premium Pearl Necklace

Product Specifications
Type Necklace
Yellow Gold 14K
Size 18 inches
Type Japanese Cultured Pearl
Origin Japan
Cut Round
Cut Grade Excellent
Weight 41 grams
Size 8.5mm x 8mm
Clarity AAA+
Color Velvety White with Slight Pink Tone
Brilliance Excellent
Treatment None
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Cultured Pearl Necklace is Velvety White in color with a slight Pink tone. Extremely luminous, perfectly round with an extra thick nacre, the surface of each pearl is almost totally smooth and perfect.

These pearls were grown over 7-8 years in Japanese fresh water within oysters and then the most luminous and round pearls were removed and implanted in a second oyster to grow for another 7+ years. The result is a superb, premium, superior pearl with incredible luster, perfect roundness, velvety smooth surface and a deep, deep, thick nacre. The body color is a luminous, Velvety White with just a hint of Pink tone.

Each of the 50 incredible pearls in this 18" strand is hand knotted and fastened with a 14k, Pink/Rose tone, solid gold Art Deco clasp.


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