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Randy and Jim Lander welcome you to the world of Khazargems - a collection of fine natural mined Alexandrite, the rarest and most beautiful gemstone found on earth.

We have been in business since 1994 and in 2004 decided to present our beautiful spectrum of natural Alexandrite and original Alexandrite jewelry on the internet for you to purchase and enjoy through Khazargems.

Why Khazargems? Randy's maternal family is from Russia and has an oral tradition of descent from the Khazars of medieval times. The Khazars were well-connected to medieval trade routes, including the Silk Road and the Silver Road, trading jewels and precious metals with many Peoples. We aim to continue her Khazarian tradition of importing and selling the best gemstones from many countries.

Through family and a network of business alliances Khazargems has connections to natural Alexandrite and other color change gemstones from around the world. We specialize in gems from Russian, Asia, and India with an emphasis on natural Alexandrite and original jewelry designs hand crafted in warm yellow and cool white 14 karat and 18 karat gold.

  • I have researched the internet, and worked with a local jeweler who has tried to source fine quality Alexandrite and has been unable to find stones superior to those at Khazargems. The color change on the stones I have seen are phenomenal! These are exciting stones that really give you the Alexandrite experience, I would strongly recommend Khazargems.
              Thanks again,

  • Thank you for you excellent service. I am very pleased with my first Alexandrite. My friend .... is the person who referred me to you. After having a horrendous experience with ...., I will never trust anyone online for gems again. But you are exceptional and obviously hold up to your word of quality and service.
              Thanks again and best wishes,
              Rex Hammill

With a solid reputation for quality, service and commitment to our customer's needs Khazargems hopes to educate you on the fascinating Alexandraite and become your alexandrite source for fine gemstones and beautiful handcrafted jewelry.

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