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Akoya Cultured Pearl Double Strand Necklace
Akoya Sea Water Cultured Pearl Double Strand AAA Necklace. Outer strand is 17.5 inches and inner strand is 16.0 inches. …
Price: $1600.00 $800.00
Peachy Pink Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace
Rare 17.5 inch Sea Water Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace. Luminous Peachy Pink all natural coloration. AA gradin…
Price: $1400.00 $700.00
Akoya Cultured Pearl 18in Necklace
Luminous 18" Sea Water Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl necklace. White with Pink Tone. AAA grading, the 60 perfectly…
Price: $1200.00 $600.00
Precious Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace
Elegant 17" Japanese Akoya Sea Water Pearl Necklace is professionally hand knotted between each pearl with double s…
Price: $1300.00 $650.00
Akoya Cultured Pearl Double Strand Necklace
Quality classic double strand 18.5" and 17" Japanese Sea Water Akoya Pearl necklace. 119 round pearls have an…
Price: $2250.00 $1125.00
Superb Cultured Premium Pearl Necklace
Cultured Pearl Necklace is Velvety White in color with a slight Pink tone. Extremely luminous, perfectly round with an e…
Price: $9100.00 $4550.00
Golden Akoya Cultured Pearl 17in Necklace
Fine quality rare Golden White Akoya Sea Water Pearl Necklace with a slight Blush Tone. In a 17" classic length; t…
Price: $1325.00 $662.50
Elegant Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace AAA
Classic and elegant Linen White with Pink Tone 17" Akoya Pearl Necklace. AAA Grading. The 59 round pearls range fr…
Price: $1200.00 $600.00
8.5mm 18in Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace
Dreamy and Creamy White with Silver tones, the large 8.0mm - 8.5mm Akoya Japanese Sea Water Pearl Necklace measures 18&q…
Price: $1600.00 $4450.00


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