How to View Natural Alexandrite Color Change

Viewing Color Change

When you view the color and color change of an Alexandrite, it should conform to these standards.

    • It should be green in sunlight and fluorescent light.

    • It should be purple, red, or reddish-Purple in soft incandescent light. A low-lit room is the best place to see the color change. Light from a candle will also show the purple color change. Very, very infrequently an alexandrite will exhibit a change to a more reddish color- reddish-Violet, Violet-red etc. These gems command a great premium in price.

    • Mixed light will produce either a grayer color as the green and purple mix or flashes of the green, purple, and sometimes red or yellow. Strong color-change stones will usually show the red/purple color in mixed lighting

    • Rotate the stone to get the color from all facets and to look for 'flash' (blazes of color that show in the body of the stone). Ruby-red and hot-Pink flash and sparkle is the most desirable and most rare.

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