Alexandrite has a history filled with my mystique and intrigue. One of the most rare of gems that are found on our planet, the value of fine quality natural Alexandrite keeps increasing in value each year. New deposits of this awesome gem have been found in India, Brazil, and several other countries. However, due to mining conditions and the natural inclusions usually found in Alexandrite, quality gems are still rare and hard to find. Khazargems, with family and close friendships around the world, is able to make available this gem for investment and personal enjoyment. Untreated colored gemstones also continue to increase in value as fewer and fewer gem quality stones are being found. Many mines have been overworked for years and are producing limited quantities of gem quality stones. Others have closed altogether due to natural disasters and being completly worked out.

Color-change gemstones are the rarest of gems. These gems display one color in daylight and fluorescent light and a different color in soft incandescent light and candlelight. Alexandrite, a form of crysoberyl, is the only natural gemstone to always have a color-change although there are other colored gemstones that can be found (although very rarely) with color-change.

Because of the scarcity of new deposits of high quality gemstone rough, lesser quality stones are being treated in new ways to bring them up to the look that people love and desire. Unfortunately, treated gemstones can become brittle and/or lose their color and luster due to time, climate, and other conditions. To the untrained eye, many new methods of gemstone treatment are difficult to detect. Even treatments that are permanent tend to decrease the value of a gemstone.

When buying a gemstone for investment, a gift, or for your own personal adornment, it is important to understand the four C’s- Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carats. Once these are known and you determine the amount of money you want to invest, go for quality rather than size. A smaller, high quality gemstone will increase more in value than a larger, lower qualtiy one of the same type.

Khazargems sells only 1st grade (top quality) natural Alexandrite and other colored gemstones. Your purchase will truly be an investment as well as a wonder of nature.