As a leader in natural mined Alexandrite, we receive many emails and phone calls from people looking for an Alexandrite appraisal on a gemstone or piece of Alexandrite jewelry sight unseen. After a brief explanation of what a proper appraisal entails, undoubtedly, the next request is for a ‘guestimate’ of their stone’s value followed by a number of IFs. “If my Alexandrite is X carats, and if its color changes from Y to Z, and if… What is it worth?”

Because it is impossible to guess a gemstone’s value over the phone, or with emailed digital photos, Khazargems has developed a free online Alexandrite appraisal utility. All that is required to receive an estimated value of your Alexandrite is to enter the parameters of your Alexandrite and you will get an instant approximation of the value of your particular gem. Obviously, the more accurately you answer the questions, the better your appraisal will be. Be assured, your appraisal will be based on the most current values for natural, mined Alexandrite available today.

Currently our Appraisal Utility is Off-Line and being upgraged. Check back soon.