Khazargems offers a 10-day satisfaction guarantee from the time you  receive your gem. To assure that the gems and jewelry you receive are  what you expect, our listings and photographs are accurate and honest,  and we recommend that you view the information on our Know What You Are Purchasing page. Additionally, we answer all emails and phone calls  promptly.

Why Buy From Khazargems?

  • We are a U.S. Based Company – No hidden fees, duties, or  tariffs.
  • Low Shipping Costs – We ship USPS Insured Priority Mail for items  under $5,000, and Insured Registered Mail (signature required) for  items over $5,000 and under $25,000.
  • The Items for Sale are the Items Pictured – We do not use stock photos (unless clearly stated) as commonly used on other Sites.
  • The Colors on our listings are what our Camera Captures – We do  not alter or enhance our photos to misrepresent the item’s color,  luster, or clarity.    The Color-Change pictured in Our Photos is Natural – Many  Alexandrite Sites create the color-change by changing the hue of the gem  digitally.
  • We try to educate the consumer – On all aspects of Alexandrite and other precious gems and jewelry, an informed consumer is a satisfied  customer.
  • The photos displayed in our listings are not enhanced – Unless clearly stated, the item for sale is the item pictured.  The lighting used is not enhanced lighting but simple daylight or fluorescent light for the green coloration of Alexandrite and a few highly diffused 60 watt incandescent lights for the purple/red color-change. All other precious stones are photographed using simple daylight or fluorescent light.

Please note that the camera “sees” gemstones differently than the  human eye. The absorption and reflection of the light (the gem’s sparkle) captured in the photographs will be different than what the human eye sees from a moving gemstone. When light strikes a gemstone, light waves are either absorbed by its minerals displaying color, or reflected from its facets. Depending the focal length of the camera and where it is focused, the photograph will capture a stagnant image. Your eye will be able to see all of the gems different hues, tones, and saturation…all at once.

Many of the gems Khazargems obtains are tested by an independent gem lab and sold with a lab certificate. Khazargems performs in-house testing to verify each stone’s authenticity, color and color-change, size, carat weight, luster, and clarity before it is sold.